How to get control of yourself

If you are doing things you don't want to do, then you are not in control of yourself

Recently I was thinking about how much of our lives are out of control.  If you asked the average person today how much of their life were they in control of, most would say “I control most of my life.”  But when you get down to the details of living like; do you eat what […]

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Start Living Lighter, So You Can Fly Higher

Eliminate those things that are weighing you down

Recently I was looking at transporting a tractor with my trailer.  I discovered the tractor weighed 9200 lbs.  My trailer on the other hand, had a carrying capacity of 7000 lbs. I thought about attempting the haul but changed my mind. Here’s why: the more I thought about it, I came to the conclusion, I […]


Our Last Lunch and Lead Was a Great Success!

Thank you 12news and Vanessa Holmes

It was terrific time at the Elegante last week!  Man in the Mirror was our gracious sponsor. Kent Schmidt did a great job of explaining their mission.   Click here to see the interview with 12 news and Mike Hawkins For us to move we have to be motivated.  Motivation is the reason why we […]


How To Keep A Conversation From Going Crazy!

Keep them, thinking logically

If we are to expect someone to be influenced by us, we have to shift them out of the defensive part of their mind, the part that responds when they are threatened, and keep them in the logical portion of their mind. When someone feels threatened, their brain shifts. There are two main operating systems […]

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What are you bringing to the table?

Your influence is determined by what you produce.

Back in the farming days, those who brought the best produce to the table got the best seat.  When you and I produce, we have influence.  If we don’t have influence, chances are, we are not producing.  When you and I produce results, we have influence.  It’s when we have influence that we can make […]

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Fueling Your Finish!

Many people don't finish well. Stay motivated and finish your race well.

So you have started your race.  Your life has begun and you are somewhere on the track.  We are all at different places of our race.  Some close to the end, some just beginning and many are somewhere in between. The key for us to have a great finish is….   to stay motivated.  Did […]


Don’t Let Anything (or anyone) Bust Your Bubble

The level you ascend is dependent on what's within

We all wish to rise to higher levels and come away from the mundane and the meaningless.  There must be something inside us that elevates us.  I believe in all of us there is the potential to rise above the fray. The key is to encapsulate our purpose and don’t let anything or anyone get […]

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Living Out Your Purpose!

If you're not sure your life is fulfilling your purpose YOU HAVE TO ATTEND our next Lunch and Lead! August 23 @ 11:00 AM

Have you ever felt like you weren’t living out your purpose?   In this next Lunch and Lead you will learn one of the greatest questions you could ever ask of yourself.  Knowing your purpose can radically change your life to a meaningful life of expectancy!  Many today are living unfulfilled lives because they haven’t connected […]

Mike Hawkins L&L 2 - Aug 2016[2]

See Saw Your Way To Being A High Valued Person

And Not A High Maintenance One

Imagine a see saw. At one end is the word “maintenance” and the other is “value”. When one is up the other is down. In my experience one of the key ingredients to being a person of high value is that you become a person of Low maintenance. Have you ever been told about someone, […]