Action Stirred Again

Most of us have watched a scene showing the making of a movie. The director says, “Lights! Camera! Action!” Today it seems that the great director Himself, God, is attempting to create scenes in the church and in the world. I can almost hear Him say, “Lights! Camera!” and then someone responds, “Wait. Can we talk about this for a minute?” It happens with Moses: “Lights! Camera!” Then Moses says, “Wait a minute. I can’t speak very well.” He does it with Gideon. “Lights! Camera!” but Gideon replies, “Wait. I’m the least in my family, which by the way isn’t that good to start with.” He does it with Abraham and Sarah: “Lights! Camera!” Then Abraham answers, “Wait. Before you say action, I think you picked the wrong character for this part. I think my wife and I are too old to have a baby.” Each of them somehow has the idea that they need to inform God of something about themselves that He is not aware of.


If you look at others in the past who made a difference in their world, they were men and women of action. There were always those in their generation who had the great ideas. Big conversations about extraordinary ideas have never been in short supply in any generation, but it has always been those who manifest through their hands what was conceived in their heads that made a difference. Those who achieved success did so because they did something!