The Benefits Of A Simple Life

A simple life is a peaceful life

In our  chaotic and confusing world, a simple life is definitely becoming the exception, not the rule.  Nevertheless a simple life is still the most envied and sought after life to be enjoyed. Two of the definitions of SIMPLE I wish to discuss: 1.  Without duplicity. 2.  Easily done. It is my observation that a […]


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Give Them A Reason To Stop By

Are you feeding those around you?

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I looked out one day and realized, “they don’t come any more”. I love to watch humming birds. It is amazing to see their wings flying faster than the eye can read. Zipping around up and down…like a helicopter…able to remain steady for several moments and yet able to zip at the blink of an […]

Getting Better From The Inside Out

Many work on the outside but the key to success is to begin on the inside


Do you ever wish someone could just swoop into your life, bring clarity to your confusion and solutions to your problems?  The fact is…. we are the only ones, at times, who can deal with those things that are disrupting our lives.  Although we want someone else to fix us, most of the time, it […]

(#001: Discover, Develop and Deploy Your Full Potential [Podcast])


The reason why you feel like something is missing in your life is… something is missing in your life. There is more. You were created FULL of potential and the more potential you are able to tap into, the more fulfilled life you will live. Let’s discover your full potential. Listen to the Audio


Years ago, I bought a house, but in reality I wasn’t actually buying the house. I bought it for the property located behind it so that I could ultimately develop it into a subdivision. As I began renovating the home to resell it, I came across the dining room floor. It was the original wood […]

man on mountain

Action Stirred Again

Most of us have watched a scene showing the making of a movie. The director says, “Lights! Camera! Action!” Today it seems that the great director Himself, God, is attempting to create scenes in the church and in the world. I can almost hear Him say, “Lights! Camera!” and then someone responds, “Wait. Can we […]