The Benefits Of A Simple Life

A simple life is a peaceful life

In our  chaotic and confusing world, a simple life is definitely becoming the exception, not the rule.  Nevertheless a simple life is still the most envied and sought after life to be enjoyed.


Two of the definitions of SIMPLE I wish to discuss:

1.  Without duplicity.

2.  Easily done.

It is my observation that a simple life is a simple life.  In other words, a Simple Life, one without duplicity, is a Simple life, easily done.  What makes life complicated are all the options.

What makes life complex is the duplicity of our lives.   When you cut out all the things that are making your life chaotic, your life becomes “without duplicity” and becomes “easily done”.

If your life is hard, its a sign that you have gotten away from the simple life.

A chaotic life is a result of a chaotic mind.  For you to have a simple life, you have to have a simple mind.

Let me give you an example and something to do:

Think of your mind as a bus.  Envision all the thoughts  in your bus that are causing chaos.  (we must get mindful about what is confusing our minds)   Now, one by one, go to each thought and escort them out of your mind. Just as a bus driver would pull the bus over, get up and go to the back of the bus, and take the arm of that particular chaos producing agent, and escort him/her off the bus.  Stop your mind now.  Pull the bus over.  What are the thoughts that are producing chaos in your mind? One by one, go to that thought and say “get up, come here to me.” And literally take the arm of that thought and escort it off of your bus.  You will be amazed at how peaceful your bus becomes, Instantly!  Remember when the bus driver used to pull over and take the trouble maker off the bus, how peaceful the bus was the rest of the trip?

What are some trouble makers on your bus?  Write them out if you have to.

        For instance:

        The fearful thought that shouts, “don’t do it, they are going to think you are crazy!”

Or “Don’t do it, you will fail and look like a failure.”

Or “everybody is looking at you and thinks you are weird.”

Or “nobody really likes you, why don’t you just stay away from everybody.”

Or what about all the “what if’s” that are in your mind:

  • “What if I’m not accepted?”
  • “What if my spouse leaves me when I am older?”
  • “What if I lose my job?”
  • And the list goes on

One by one take these thoughts by the arm and lead them off your bus, never to be heard from again and get on with the journey God has for your life.   Watch how peaceful your life becomes!

Remember a simple life is a life without duplicity that is an easy life.

Be the exception to our culture and enjoy a SIMPLE LIFE!