Disciplined To Reach Your Destiny

When we think of the term, discipline, it seems to make us cringe at times.  Why is that?  Maybe because discipline does have to do with punishment.  Pain and discomfort seem to be bi words of discipline.


The word itself means punishment. It means to be strictly governed. Words that are related to the term are discomfort, paying the price, restrained, and restricted. It seems those who are self-disciplined are many times placed in discomforting places. That being said, it seems to reason, if you are going to stay in your comfort zone and only do the things that are easy for you, disciplined excellence will always be out of reach for you.

A disciplined person will embrace the necessary challenges they face, even if those challenges are outside of their comfort zone.

A man or woman who disciplines themselves are sought after. They are narrow people. They are focused. They know where they are going and are not distracted by those who aren’t going there.

Discipline adds value. When you see a stallion you see a well pronounced definition of restraint and discipline. Because that horse has adhered to a strict discipline, he will bring top dollar at the sale. People will come from all over just to watch him walk. Discipline is attractive.


The more we discipline ourselves the more valuable we become. Owners pay athletes a large sum of money who discipline themselves. Men and women are promoted in our armed services when they choose to discipline themselves. Corporate America raises employee wages when an employee decides he or she is going to constrain themselves to excellence.

When we are undisciplined, we lose value. No one wants to hire someone who is undependable. Undisciplined people work for disciplined people.

Decide today you are going to do the uncomfortable thing, that is difficult at times, so you can enjoy a comfortable living for the rest of your life.