Give Them A Reason To Stop By

Are you feeding those around you?

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I looked out one day and realized, “they don’t come any more”. I love to watch humming birds. It is amazing to see their wings flying faster than the eye can read. Zipping around up and down…like a helicopter…able to remain steady for several moments and yet able to zip at the blink of an eye.


But they quit coming. I didn’t realize it immediately. It just happened gradually and then I realized “hey they don’t come any more.”

I thought, I guess they have forgot about me. I guess they don’t care about me. I guess they feel I don’t care about them. Then one day I was taking random pics and I took a pic of my feeder. And I zoomed in on it…and I thought what a picture!!! Then I had the most amazing revelation. The feeder was empty.

No wonder they quit coming around. They quit getting fed.  Then one day as I had my window open I saw a humming bird land on the feeder.  Bellow is the conversation I heard between the feeder and the humming bird:

Feeder:  Do you not think I’m attractive?

Bird: sure.

Feeder: Do you think that I have a good shape?

Bird: Sure.

Feeder: Well, you used to always come by.  You used to always visit.  We have had some great talks together, you and I.  But you don’t come by anymore and I was thinking, maybe you don’t like my color, size or something on the outside of me that I don’t see?

Bird: I have come to you not for what was on the outside of you, but what was on the inside of you.  You see, you always seemed to have something on the inside of you, that filled the inside of me.  But then things seem to change. I would come to you and it seemed nothing was inside of you that filled the inside of me.  You seemed empty.  Hollow.  And the first time or two that I left empty I thought it was just a fluke.  But after the third time I came and you were empty, I decided I would have to go somewhere else to get filled.  But to answer your question, no it wasn’t what was on the outside of you that I longed for, it was what was on the inside that fulfilled me.


People come to you and me for our gift.  That secret sauce that we came here to earth with.  Our talents and abilities.  And when we quit offering our gifts, people will stop coming by.  People go to a fruit tree, not for its bark, not for its leaves, but for its fruit.


I’m reminded of the bird feeder we placed out by the pool at one of our previous homes. I couldn’t believe all the birds that came to our home. I loved it…it was awesome!! I thought “I can’t believe all these birds were out there.  I told them, “You mean to tell me all of you guys have been around this area all this time?” I love birds. I love to watch them. Why didn’t they come by sooner?   The reason? Because I had offered them nothing to come for.

When you give people a reason to come to your business, your home or your life, they will come.  The old saying is “build it and they will come”.  But I would add “they will come if you give them a reason too come.

  1. Discover WHAT you love to do.
  2. Find out WHO needs what you love to do.
  3. Develop your skill so you become GOOD at what you love.
  4. And then begin to MARKET what you love to do in the market place.


Before you know it, birds will start coming from all over to your house.

Give them a reason to stop by!

Remember, they are coming for what’s inside of you!!!