Had a great time in Beaumont Texas at the Chamber Speaking On Character


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We had a great time at the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.  They were a great audience.  I think sometimes an audience makes a speech.  Well they made mine.

One of the topics I spoke on was Character.  Character is what the rest of you rests on.  Character is the foundation of your success.

3 things character will do for you:

  1. Character Affords You More Opportunities In Life.

          As a home builder I wouldn’t dare build a home on a poor foundation.  I know that however beautiful the home may look when finished, it won’t last.

You have bosses and clients that are checking you out.  If you don’t have character you may be overlooked for promotions or contracts.  People want to entrust opportunities to those who can handle those opportunities.

  1. Character gives you peace.

         When a person doesn’t have character they lie. When a person lies, they don’t know what lie they told to what person. When you are not honest there is a constant churning that goes on inside of you. It is a self inflicted stress.

         When you live a life of Character, you don’t have to worry about someone finding out the truth about you. You no longer have to run from truth, you embrace it. What a peaceful life it is to not have to worry about someone “finding your out.”

  1. Character affords you great relationships

         When you have character in your life people trust you. People want relationships with people they can trust. When have you ever heard of someone say “that guy is rich, he is intelligent, but you can’t trust him, but besides that he’s all there. You ought to marry him.” Or , “you ought to go into business with him.” No, people go into relationships and business with people they trust. It’s people with character that people trust.

Character will always win over charisma. I believe in charisma, a lot. But make sure the foundation of character is laid before anything else is built. The talent you build will only be as safe as the character its built upon. Like Ed Cole, the great man’s man said,“your talent can take you where character can’t keep you.”