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The day before yesterday I took my boy Kipp to school.  On the way there was a box blowing around in the back of my truck that was about to blow out.  So I pulled over at a gas station to put it inside the cab.  As I got out I stepped up on the rear tire to reach in the bed of my truck when it happened.  This tear-ifying sound came from my pants.  Immediately I felt a cool sensation on one of my legs.  Not good at all.


You see when I reached over the bed of my truck, my life changed.  You might say “oh I thought you were going to say your pants ripped?”  Yeah, same thing.  My pants ripped and my life changed.


It was bound to happen.  I have been feeling my stomach growing like the national debt.  And like the debt, it seemed there was no end in sight.  So this rip was probably the best thing that could have happened to me.


The sad thing is, that afternoon after having lunch with my family I had to go to a supply company, which had a vending machine.  Oh yeah you guessed it, I picked up one of those large cinnamon rolls with the icing caked on it!!!  About an hour later I was crashed at my office taking a nap.  Carbs do me in.  I know that.


I began thinking what in the world am I doing?!  Can I not get a grip on this thing?  And the resounding answer was apparently, no!  That afternoon my wife had to go to Walmart so I drove her.  While she shopped I browsed.  At the book section I stumbled on an Atkins book “The New Atkins Made Easy”.  I ended up buying it.


So began my journey back on the low carb trail.  That was yesterday, January 28, 2014.  Low carb is the way for me.  Not just for weight but energy and clarity of mind.  My body is carb resistant.  When I overload on them, its to bed I go.  When I avoid them, I feel incredible.  I get more accomplished in a week off of them then I do in a month on them.


I understand you have to have carbs, but the wrong ones for me and too many and I’m sunk.  It’s amazing. I fixed myself a 3 egg wrap on a low carb spinach tortilla for breakfast and had some great homemade chili my wife made over grilled chicken for lunch,  no dinner and felt great!  This morning I woke up at 4:30 am and feel great.


It amazes me how we wait until there is a tear before we really get serious about our diet.  We wait until our spouse tells us they’re not sure about our future before we start paying attention to our marriage.  We wait until the kids seem like they going off the planet before we start spending time with them.


We live our lives out of need instead of from principles.  Measure your life.  Like a cord on a vacuum cleaner, determine how long your cord is.  Go to the end. Determine what your limit is.  Vow not to get close to that limit and therefore come unplugged.


We change the oil in our cars every 5000 miles.  If we maintained our cars like we  care for our relationships, we would stay broken down.  What if your measure for changing your oil was the same as with your marriage?  “When I start seeing smoke, I’ll take it in.” You and I both know that if we wait until we see smoke we are in trouble.  We know that there may be damage done to the walls of your cylinders that could be costly.  I’ve heard men say, “she’s not griping about anything so I guess I’m good.”  What if we used the same criteria with our car? “I’m not hearing a knock under the hood, so I guess it doesn’t need an oil change.”  You and I both know when you hear a knocking you are in trouble.


They say the wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the oil.  The problem is, many of us wait until we hear the squeaking, then we oil the wheel, and never oil again until we hear a noise.


We respond to life out of need not principle.  We don’t control our life, we respond to it.  The problem is, many times by the time you hear the noise, it’s too late.  The way we determine if we need to change the oil in our cars is we measure the mileage.  How long has it been since I have had  fresh oil?  Not, do I hear any knocking.  I have our cars changed every 5000 miles.  That way I don’t have to hear any knocking and see any smoke.


I talked to a guy that had a car that used to smoke.  He said it was so embarrassing.  I thought, “when you don’t cultivate in private what you’ve been given, it can be an embarrassment in public.”


Why do we wait for the knocking before we go see the mechanic instead of setting parameters that say, “I will not go over this many miles without a lube job.”  Why do we wait until our checkbook is in the red before we start reading the finance books and taking the Dave Ramsey courses.  Why do the Samson’s wake up in Delilah’s lap bound with cords they can’t break before they say, “I’m not going to associate with the wrong people.”


Many would answer those questions by saying, “well Mike what you say makes sense but I don’t have time to look ahead and take those precautions.  I am so busy, I can’t make plans for the future, I’m doing good to deal the present.”


I totally get that.  There have been many times in my life when I wasn’t even doing a good job of keeping up with the present.  But there must be a time when we pull over and ask, “is there a better way than this dizzy rat race?”


If you find that the schedule you have is too complicated for you to plan, then one of two things need to take place.


1.        Cut some things out.


2.        You need to delegate some tasks so you are free to oversee what is priority to you.


If your life is unmanageable, then you have done a poor job of managing it. Start today, accepting responsibility.  I do this often.  I say this is this way because I allowed it.  I understand, there are things that are out of our control, but I find in my own life, if I get honest, many of the perils and crisis that come my way could have been prevented had I lived with a little foresight.


If your life has been tear-ifying, take control.  Begin to live like proverbs 22:3 says “a wise person sees danger ahead and takes precautions, but the fool goes ahead and suffers for it.”  Is the path you’re on, leading to a place where you want to end up?


Let’s make a decision today that we’re not going to wait until there is smoke or a knock, but we are going to live our lives according to principles found in God’ s word.

I will keep you posted on my diet.  Hopefully the next thing that gets ripped in my life will be my stomach!