People of Purpose Live With Passion

Trying to get my little dachshund out of my truck recently, I pushed, I coached, I got stern, I spoke like a mild manner counselor.  All to no avail.  Then suddenly a cat ran down the sidewalk.  And the same dog I couldn’t get out of my truck, I couldn’t keep in.

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You may have as hard a time getting out of bed in the mornings as I had getting Annie out of my truck.  If it seems like something or someone is pushing you out of bed in the mornings, it’s a good sign you haven’t found your purpose.  You may be having a  hard time moving forward because you haven’t found that thing in life you were born to chase.

When you find your purpose 3 things happen:



1.    You move from being pushed out of bed to being pulled out of bed.

Inside Annie was an innate desire or passion to chase that cat.  This one thing I do know, you have something inside you that makes you come alive.  You may know what it is or you may not.  If you haven’t been placed in the right environment, you may not know what it’s like for that thing to leap inside of you.  If I had kept Annie locked up inside my home, she would have never seen that cat.  And if she hadn’t seen it, she wouldn’t have experienced that “coming alive” that she did.  Dr. Myles Munroe would say, “Your purpose is what you were born to do, vision is when you see it.” Place yourself in the right environment and watch your purpose come alive.   Find your purpose and something inside  you will pull you out of bed.

2.    Life gets fun.

When you find your purpose life is no longer a bore, it becomes a blast!  Your life has a reason now.  Your life now has meaning.  Until then, it seems life is one meaningless event after another.  Here’s a revelation for you:  You weren’t meant to work, eat, sleep, and pay bills.  There is a reason you were put here and when you discover that purpose, you’ll be propelled out of bed like sling shot, ready to dive into another meaningful day. Down deep inside wouldn’t we all prefer a fun life then a boring one? Discover the reason why you born and a blast awaits you!

3.    Life gets simple.

Finding your purpose and what you are born to do, brings about a clear path which clarifies what you are not supposed to do.  What makes life complex is the alternatives.  The choices in life are what complicate life.  Once you know the correct answer its easy to eliminate the wrong choices.  Finding your purpose in life is like discovering the answer to the question on the test.

Remember in school the multiple choice questions?  You had approximately 4 possible answers to the question: A, B, C, or D.  Because you studied and knew the answer, after looking at the possible solutions to the question you spot the answer which makes it very simple to say no to the alternatives.  Once we study our lives and seek our creator to find the answer to why we were placed into this world at this time, we get the answer to why we are here.  Once we have that answer it is very easy to eliminate the alternatives.  Once you know the WHY you can decide the WHAT. But not until then.  Until you discover your purpose (the answer to why you are here), you will always stress over the possibilities in life and your life will be anything but simple.

The word decide is composed of two parts: De and Cide.  De means “off” and Cide means “to kill or cut”.  When you decide between the options in life you kill off or cut off all other options but one.  Indecisive people have a hard time “killing off” options because they don’t know the right answer.  Knowing your purpose will clarify your answers in life.  Once you know what you are to do and be in life it makes it clear what you aren’t supposed to do and be.  I became very comfortable with who I wasn’t  only after I discovered who I was.

Find your purpose and you’ll find the passion you have been missing.  Purpose is where we get our motivation!