See Saw Your Way To Being A High Valued Person

And Not A High Maintenance One

Imagine a see saw. At one end is the word “maintenance” and the other is “value”. When one is up the other is down. In my experience one of the key ingredients to being a person of high value is that you become a person of Low maintenance.


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Have you ever been told about someone, “they are very qualified for the job. It’s just that they are too high maintenance”?   If you require a lot of attention you will lower your value. If your boss or clients have to stay on you to get a job done, you will never make much of a living.


On the other hand if your maintenance is low, your value will be high. Have you ever heard someone say, “He is worth is weight in gold. All you have to do is tell him what you want done and off he goes. You don’t have to baby sit him. You don’t have to stay on her about getting the job done. If she runs into a problem, she is a problem solver.” Today the people who make the most money are the ones that require the least maintenance.


Three characteristics of high-end leaders:

  • Self Starters
  • Problem Solvers
  • Self Motivated

In conclusion, if you want to raise your value, you must lower your maintenance requirements. I bought an automobile recently. One of the attractions was the warranty. What they said is you can drive this automobile for X amount of miles with NO MAINTENANCE.

Remember when you and I don’t require maintenance, our value always goes up!

High maintenance people will always end up with low valued performance where as low maintenance people will always end up as highly valued and sought after leaders.

The things you can do to be high valued Leader:

  1. Don’t complain.  If you can fix it get busy looking for solutions and fix it.
  2. Read books, attend seminars and watch videos that keep you motivated. Don’t rely on others to motivate you.
  3. Don’t waste your time talking about the negatives in life that you can’t change.  It will drain the time and energy that you DO have that you COULD use to actually change the things you can.

Become a Highly Valued individual that is a low maintenance leader!