Start Living Lighter, So You Can Fly Higher

Eliminate those things that are weighing you down

Recently I was looking at transporting a tractor with my trailer.  I discovered the tractor weighed 9200 lbs.  My trailer on the other hand, had a carrying capacity of 7000 lbs.

I thought about attempting the haul but changed my mind.

Here’s why: the more I thought about it, I came to the conclusion, I could do permanent damage to my trailer if I put more on it then it was designed to carry.

You and I have a load limit.  And if we attempt to get involved with things we were never designed to be  engaged in, we can place stress on our lives that can cause permanent damage, which, in turn, can damage the rest of our lives.

Before you get involved in something or before you take on a new responsibility ask yourself these three questions:

  1.  Do I have peace with God concerning this?

    A.   Do is there a settling in my soul that this is the right thing for me at this season?

  2. Ask those who know you and your purpose, “Is this conducive to me fulfilling my purpose?”

    A.   The bible says there is WISDOM in a MULTITUDE of COUNSELORS. Get wisdom!

  3. Is, what you are about to do, in alignment with your existing values?

A.   Make sure you don’t get involved with something that is not in sync with what you say you

value the most.

You were made with a load limit.  Decide today you are going to  avoid those weights that are causing you stress and start living lighter and flying higher!