Your Character can take you where your Gifting can’t keep you

Ed Cole used to say, “your talent can take you where your character can’t keep you”.  I always thought that was such a profound statement.  And though it is true, and we see it every day;  sports professionals and the like who’s talent get them to a lucrative level, only to be knocked down because they were liars, cheaters and immoral.  And then you have those in the ministry, who have an exceptional ability to control a crowd yet find it hard to manage their own desires.


What I wish to talk briefly about, is the opposite.  When “your character takes you where your gifting can’t keep you.”  I’ve seen many times men and women appointed to positions in business, church and organizations that were not equipped to do their job.

They got where they were because they were loyal.  They were trustworthy.   They would never be suspected of a cue attempt or splitting the organization.

That is how they got where they were, their character.  The only problem is, the ability to perform the task effectively wasn’t in them.  They were not selected for the job because they proved they could perform the job, they were were selected because they were loyal.

What seems to transpire in these situations is:

  • those who depend on them, are frustrated because of their poor performance on the job.
  •  Those frustrated, then complain and are disgruntled which causes anxiety on the upper management.
  • Those that are unqualified for the job are frustrated because they are brought to the carpet for poor performances.

So there is no one that wins when you place a person that doesn’t have the abilities required for a position in a place because he or she is “loyal”.

The two points I would like to make are:

  1. If you are in leadership seek to find those with Character AND Talent.
  2. Become that person.  If you and I could sharpen ourselves to a point we are extremely effective in our careers, AND we have the character God commanded us to have, we would be in much demand.
    1. You will have no problem getting a very good job, if you:

i.     Discipline yourself to becoming a person of excellence in your field.

ii.     Become a person of outstanding character who those around you can trust and depend on.

So it is true your talent can take you where your character can’t keep you, the opposite is equally true.   Be a person of character that is excellent in your career and you will have a bright  future my friend!