In our country we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But I have yet to meet a man or woman that found happiness pursuing it. No, it seems that happiness is a result of you finding something else. Happiness is a byproduct of finding your purpose in life. People find things they love and thereby find happiness.
I believe that within all of us lies a calling from God. I believe there are accidental parents, but not accidental children. You weren’t born on accident. You were born on purpose with a purpose. You were birthed in the mind of God years before you were birthed from your mother’s womb.
You are not a rarity, you are a “one and only”. God designed you for a special purpose with incredible abilities to accomplish that purpose. Until you discover that purpose, you’ll not experience this profound happiness.
I recently had this thought: how do incredibly intelligent people to extremely stupid things. I did several hours of research and several case studies in my quest to find out how smart people do dumb things.
My conclusion is, it lies in their objective. The only thing that will ever set us free and keep us free is living by truth. When you and I are in pursuit of truth, we will never be disappointed. The truth, at times hurts, but so does exercise. But we know that both are good for you.
We all have objectives in life. We have places we want to end up. Most want to end up happy. But if happiness is your objective you will never find happiness. Just as if money was your objective, you would never find it seeking it. You find money when you find a job. Or when you find a business. Money is attained by finding something else.
I’ve seen others pursue happiness by buying clothes. Buying clothes won’t make you happy. Then you might say “why did I feel good when I purchased those clothes?” You feeling good and you being happy are not one and the same. I bet if I gave you a line of cocaine to run you would feel better than you ever felt in your life. But you won’t be happy. The higher you go the harder you fall and there are millions of drug addicts that would testify to the fact that drugs don’t make you happy.
When you buy clothes it is pleasing to your eyes. Your brain releases a chemical that is hormone when you saw what you liked and it made you feel good. This hormone sends a current through your body that gives you a high. Shopping makes you feel good, but not happy. Ask the person that went out and bought a new wardrobe and got their credit card bill in. They look good, but they’re not happy. Nothing wrong with shopping, we all go shopping, just don’t look to it for true happiness.
People want to feel good. And so their objective in life is to feel good. So that is why smart people do dumb things. Their objective is not to live by truth. It is to feel good. God wants you to feel good. But he wants you to feel good because you are doing His will. If you don’t find His purpose for your life, do you think he wants you to be happy outside of Him? Not if He loves you.
Some say “why won’t he let me have what I want, whether it includes Him or not?” Would you want your child to have something that will separate you and them for the rest of eternity? Not if you loved them.
You and I should pursue truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. The mouse that comes up on a mouse trap only sees the cheese. He says if I eat that cheese it will meet my need of hunger. It will satisfy me. It will make me feel great. And all those are the truth, they are just not the whole truth. The whole truth is, that cheese is nestled on a contraption of cold steel. And the second that you and I focus on the cheese and only the cheese, the background becomes a blur. And therein, is how smart people, to dumb things. All they see is “how good this will make them feel”. And the consequences in the background become a blur. To the point that all they see is the cheese. Therein is how smart people get trapped.
Make Truth be what you seek. Jesus said “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Surround yourself with friends that will speak truth into your life. Had the mouse had a friend that could have spoken truth into his life, he would not have had succumbed to the fatal ending. I can see the conversation going something like this:
“yeah I’m thinking about going for that piece of cheese, you gotta admit, that thing has the potential of really satisfying a mouse like us”
“yeah, no doubt. But do you not see that contraption of steel it lies on? I was just reading in proverbs the other day about something that’s called a trap. And that thing looks like everything Solomon described.”
“man thanks for pointing that out, to be honest I didn’t even notice it, because I was so enamored with that beautiful chunk of yellow.”
Paul, in Philippians 4:8 gave us the key to having a great life. It’s in our thought life. He tells us what to think about. The first thing he said to think about is truth. When we make sure truth and nothing but the truth is our guiding light we will not be deceived by the wishes of the flesh.